Friday, 7 December 2018

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

November 2018: SingLife Insurance 3%, and SSB 2.5%+

As STI ETF is holding steady above $3, there was basically nothing to buy.

I continued to accumulate Ascendas Hospitality Trust in small amounts.

This months' SSB had a 10 yr interest rate of >2.5% and is liquid enough to put some of my warchest/emergency fund into it. This will be the first time I'm buying SSB. 

Singapore Life Insurance had a promotional 3% 3 year endowment plan (essentially a fixed deposit) but the maximum amount you could place was $6,000. Given that this is way more attractive than the 2.7% Temasek Bond which sold like hotcakes (this policy is SDIC insured), I am surprised that there is no notification that the tranche was 'sold out' and the website still seems to be accepting new applications. Perhaps SingLife is just trying to expand its customer base/mailing list.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Strategy Report: November 2018

SG Shares

Tiny bit of Ascendas Hospitality Trust at 0.775 after it went ex-div at $0.19. (Accumulate when under $0.80. 

Foreign Shares

Brexit Panic as 2 Ministers resign from UK Cabinet.

Accumulated the following:
LYG 2.79
ING 12.35
PUK 40.28 & 40.10

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Dividend Report: October 2018

Not much S$ dividends this month but more than last month thanks to OCBC's dividend which I take in scrip (S$ value of the dividend is still counted below). Also received final interest payment for the Perennial Bond together with the principal. 

Vanguard ETFs pay out dividends this month (both LSE listed and HKSE listed)

Running total:  $65,532.41

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

End of October 2018 Report: STI ETF didn't go below $3

STI ETF didn't go below $3 in October, therefore, my CPF-OA reserves were untouched. 

Reviewing my October 2018 purchases, I found that I had spent S$27,000 buying a number of different counters. 

Some of the cash came from the refund of my Perennial 4.65% bond. I had applied for the Temasek 2.7% bond but was only allocated 6,000, so I still had spare cash left to reinvest.

Shares purchased in October
VUKE    Vanguard FTSE100 ETF
3085.HK Vanguard Asia High Yield ETF
VDPX     Vanguard Pacific ETF
Frasers Property

I bought VDPX using SCB in order to increase the amount of US$ dividends collected by my SCB account as I will use those US$ for online purchases.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

October 2018: Getting ready for STI ETF under $3.

My rule when it comes to buying STI ETF is to buy only when its under $3. STI ETF is my largest holding and I've only broken the rule once. The last time I bought STI ETF is 2016 (can go back to 2016 in this blog to have a look).

It looks like STI ETF may go under $3 next week. I'll start my buying at $2.99 and hopefully there will be a chance to average down further.

My CPF-OA has been accumulating for some time and I look forward to finally being able to use it.

LionGlobal All Seasons Fund

LionGlobal All Seasons Fund was discussed in the forums. There is a 0.25% management fee and expense ratio is capped at 0.50%. It invests in various funds and the management fee of the LionGlobal funds it buys will be rebated.

It comes in two flavours, Growth with 70%/30% equities/fixed income split, and Standard with a 30%/70% split.

Effectively, this means that this fund has a TER of a little bit more than 0.50% but less than 1.0%.  For example, it buys LionGlobal Asia Pacific Fund. That fund has various expenses like brokerage and trustee fees which add up to about 0.3%. Those fees are obviously not rebated, only the management fee is. Then there are also the Vanguard and DBXtrackers ETFs and their TER which thankfully should be under 0.1%.

You can buy it only via Cash and SRS. According to the factsheet that I have, it still isn't CPF approved. Nowadays to be CPF approved you need to have a 'track record' and this fund just launched.

I still have some more 'balance' in my SRS allowance for this year to be invested. I will add this fund to my SRS holdings. Another advantage is the minimum investment of $100. This means that when I collect dividends from my other SRS stocks, I can immediately reinvest into this fund.