Saturday, 1 January 2022

Dividend Change in 2021 and Financial Independence


I managed to tally the dividends collected this year and there was a pretty large 37.8% jump. I recovered my "losses" in 2020 and even exceeded the dividends I collected in 2019. Together with my CPF interest, I have collected enough passive income to reach my Financial Independence target.

While there are differing definitions of FI, I use the definition in, which is Income > Expenses used to sustain current standard of living.

Looking at the returns of my top holdings in 2021 (31 Dec 2020-31 Dec 2021) reveals a mixed bag. While I was hoping that there would be a sector rotation into "value", it was not to be, which is why I also started accumulating VWRD and LSPU from July onwards and this probably helped my Interactive Brokers return shown in the screenshot below.

I thought my IBKR return would cross 20% this year. In fact, on 30 Dec it was above 20%, but there was a drop on 31 Dec which meant that I ended up with 19.79%, so I marginally beat Vanguard World's 18.5%

2021 Performance of my top holdings

STI ETF gained 12.1%

FTSE 100 ETF gained 17.4%

First State China gained 5.41% (there is a price lag for unit trust, will update once 31 Dec prices are known). It was much higher than crashed.

VDPX gained 0.6%  (much higher than crashed - the HK/China effect)

OCBC gained 19.6%

Euro Stoxx 50 gained 15.5% (Stoxx 600 gained 20%.. sigh)

VHYD gained 17.4%

WQDV gained 14.5%

Comfort Delgro fell 12.2% 

CDL Hospitality Trust fell 0.2% (CDL woes and Covid-19 still hitting hospitality)

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