Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Dividends: December 2019

Edit 2 Jan 2020 - AHT merger with ART - there was a nearly $2k capital refund at the last day of the year. Then FHT paid their dividends on 28 Dec (SCB slow?), so there was a 2.6k upward revision

Note: Vanguard/iShares dividends recorded in Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct. (Last year Vanguard paid in Jan, this year they are paying in Dec. For consistency I'll keep the months the same year on year)

I managed to double the dividends I collected in 3 years (i.e. my 2019 dividends is more than double my 2016 dividends) The above sum does not include CPF interest. I thought about including it but in the end I decided to exclude it from the graphs in order to maintain consistency with previous years. However, once it is paid out in January, I'll add it to the final figure of dividends collected for 2019.

2019 Total Dividends + CPF interest= $117k

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