Monday, 30 December 2019

2019 Interactive Brokers Portfolio Performance

Usually by this time people will be publishing their portfolio returns in the forums, but this year seems to be quieter. 

I guess many investors are quiet because they failed to beat MSCI World or equivalent World index  - including myself (the graph above shows my IBKR performance in comparison to Vanguard Total World Stock Index - because IBKR doesn't have an MSCI World comparison). 

Because I am overweight UK, someone even asked me how much money I lost due to Brexit. So perhaps I should count myself lucky that I didn't lose money this year. 

My interactive brokers graph shows a sharp rise in December due to the UK election result that helped narrow the gap but it was not enough

My 2020 resolution will be to buy more ETF and less individual stocks in order to reduce volatility

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