Thursday, 11 October 2018

Strategy Report October 2018: Finally a correction?

There was a correction in the US market with the Dow dropping 800. This is hopefully an opportunity to deploy more cash. In particular, I would like to build up my holdings in Capitaland. Its fundamentals look good and its 4% dividend is well covered.

Also, like your typical longsuffering Sembcorp investor, I am adding a little Sembcorp every month as long is it is comfortably below $3.


Bought Capitaland at $3.12 and $3.11

Bought Sembcorp at $2.88

I will get cash on 23 October as my Perennial 4.65% 3-year bonds are maturing. If STI ETF drops below $3, this will be a good place to park the cash. My rule is to only buy STI ETF when it is below $3.

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