Saturday, 27 October 2018

LionGlobal All Seasons Fund

LionGlobal All Seasons Fund was discussed in the forums. There is a 0.25% management fee and expense ratio is capped at 0.50%. It invests in various funds and the management fee of the LionGlobal funds it buys will be rebated.

It comes in two flavours, Growth with 70%/30% equities/fixed income split, and Standard with a 30%/70% split.

Effectively, this means that this fund has a TER of a little bit more than 0.50% but less than 1.0%.  For example, it buys LionGlobal Asia Pacific Fund. That fund has various expenses like brokerage and trustee fees which add up to about 0.3%. Those fees are obviously not rebated, only the management fee is. Then there are also the Vanguard and DBXtrackers ETFs and their TER which thankfully should be under 0.1%.

You can buy it only via Cash and SRS. According to the factsheet that I have, it still isn't CPF approved. Nowadays to be CPF approved you need to have a 'track record' and this fund just launched.

I still have some more 'balance' in my SRS allowance for this year to be invested. I will add this fund to my SRS holdings. Another advantage is the minimum investment of $100. This means that when I collect dividends from my other SRS stocks, I can immediately reinvest into this fund.

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