Wednesday, 29 September 2021

September Summary


These are my September investing activities

  • Directed donation to charity doing overseas work. No tax deduction unfortunately but my money goes a lot further (the charity shared with me how the money will be used).
  • Used SRS + Cash to buy GE 1.3% 2-year policies
  • Regular DCA of various ETFs during the brief China-related dip:
    • LSPU
    • VWRD
    • VDPX
    • 2801.HK (RSP)
  • Added a little bit of HSBC because of China related correction. Currently its only up 1% from my buy price so maybe my timing was off.
  • My RSP was 2800.HK was unsuccessful because I didn't have enough HK$ for both the 2800 and 2801 RSP. So interestingly, FSM deducted for my 2801 RSP first. I guess there's some sort of system logic (eg: whatever ETF appears first in my account's RSP list).
  • I'll probably RSP both 2800 and 2801 again this month.

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