Saturday, 18 September 2021

September Strategy


I put in $10k+ to accept most but not all of my entitlement for the 3 for 2 Sembmarine rights issue. I got the shares 'free' from the Sembcorp demerger so hopefully I'm not throwing good money away, but oil prices and demand appears to be picking up.

Other than that, I'm spending a little bit of my free cash flow to buy ETFs.

For SRS, I put this years' contribution of $15,300 plus accumulated dividends into Great Eastern's 1.3% for 2 years. Application was done easily online with Singpass. I wouldn't waste time with any plan that can't be done online.  

While 1.3% is not fantastic, it really is much better than letting it sit in my bank account. Furthermore, I have to look ahead and see that I might have various 2.5% 3-year plans maturing over the next few years plus my sizeable holding of Frasers 3.65% bonds matures next year as well.  So there is a certain amount of liquidity that I need to roll over via these short term plans to avoid ending up with too much cash in a saving account that hardly earns anything.

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