Tuesday, 13 July 2021

July Strategy: Buy more ETFs

 I don't think current prices are a bargain, however, I have built up a sufficient warchest so I am ok to slow down the rate of my warchest increase by doing regular purchases of ETFs. About 30% of my free cash flow is still going to warchest but the remainder of my monthly free cash flow (nett expenses) is a pretty healthy amount.

I am unable to stock pick in a rising or buoyant market so I will stick to ETFs for now.

I had a fairly large sum of HK$ from my Vanguard delisting so I have been converting that to HKSE tracker fund 2800.HK and iShares MSCI China 2801.HK.  I also bought other ETFs such as VWRD, WQDV, VPDX.

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