Wednesday, 9 June 2021

June 2021 Strategy


Just when I thought I would start transferring 10k a month into Singlife until I hit $100k (due to the 1.0% interest for $100k), Singlife has changed the interest rate to 0.5%. I guess I should close the Singlife account soon. 

As I have finished refunding my CPF Housing, I am running out of good places to park my spare cash/warchest.  

I think May is the first time in recent history that I had not bought anything in an entire month from IBKR. Usually I generate the monthly IBKR activity report, but this is the first time I've seen an error message from IBKR because there was no activity the whole month (had to generate the MTM report instead to see my portfolio movements).

However, I added 2801.HK RSP to my existing 2800.HK RSP. I've also been doing my own regular DCA of world ETFs via SCB. My main world ETF is WQDV but I've also been buying VHYD and also recently added VWRD. 

I will be getting a fair bit of cash back from the delisting of Vanguard HK ETFs so I also need to figure out where to deploy the cash.

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