Monday, 9 November 2020

Nice Rally (9 Nov 2020)

This is probably the biggest 1-day move my IB portfolio has made. Its also probably a textbook example of 'time in market' vs 'market timing'.

Stock markets rallied mildly on 5 Nov but exploded today 11 Nov with reports of an effective vaccine. As I am writing Financial stocks are staging a massive rally and many stocks in double digit territory:

Prudential (PRU) +17.91%

Santander (BNC) +21.98%

Lloyds (LLOY) +14.38%

Shell (RDSB) +12.54%

Not everything is double digit of course, stocks like GSK which had a good run up already is merely +1.82% up. CISCO, which I had picked over Zoom (shows how bad I am in stock-picking even though I got the sector correct - Video Conferencing) is at least up 4.5% while Zoom is down 15% (presumably because of the vaccine).

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