Friday, 25 September 2020

Strategy: Sep 2020

I sold $20k of SIA 3.03% bonds this month to free up more funds for equity purchases. Glad it is still above $1 despite the depressed market for airlines.

I have been buying a little bit more in September because:

  • I am cautiously optimistic regarding COVID19. Infection rates have really dropped in Singapore and the Govt even announced that 50% can go back to their workplaces.
  • Abbot's cheap and fast COVID19 test gives hope to a restart of air travel. Airlines/ IATA are pushing the use of this cheap test instead of quarantine.
  • September was a down month for the markets (S&P down 5.8%, Nasdaq down 7.3%), and I always prefer to buy in falling markets.

Added to my Vanguard High Yield ETF (VHYD), Euro Stoxx 50 ETF (CS51), and variously individual counters like VOD, SAN, HSBC, Aviva, ING, LGEN.

Also bought some Sembcorp ex-rights at 1.27 then after that the price kept on shooting up. Now I have to figure out whether I want to set a target price for my SembMarine shares since I do actually want to sell them eventually - this specialised O&G sector is not my preferred focus area - I would rather go for diversified O&G like Shell. 

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