Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Vanguard HK exiting (ETF delist?)

 The news reported that Vanguard HK is exiting the HK market including their ETF business. There is no news on the Vanguard site whether the ETFs will be delisted and NAV returned, or whether the ETF will so sold to another provider.

This is one of the small risks any investor takes. Its a small risk because you are getting your money back but you incur transaction costs moving to another ETF. That's why I usually hold both Vanguard and iShares ETFs. For HK, I am also holding iShares 2801  and the 2800 tracker fund.

I am vested in 2 Vanguard ETFs 3085 and 2805 and will need to move them to the iShares alternatives. A small annoyance is the fact that the iShares alternative 3010 is listed in HK$ but declares US$ dividends so if I want to reinvest I will have to change US$ to HK$ and pay 0.25% forex comm. Or maybe I just transfer the US$ dividends to my SCB US$ account.

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  1. i think they will exit. not sure which ETF to go for now.