Saturday, 15 August 2020

Strategy: August 2020


While COVID19 rages on and US-China tensions seem high, I feel that this is an opportunity to continue accumulating. I have been buying normally through July and early August, topping up 

  • Foreign shares:LLOY, AV, GSK, SAN, TEF RDSB, PUK, WQDV, VHYD, 2805.HK, 2800.HK (RSP).
  • Local shares: CapitaCommTrust using SRS, topped up some ART and CDG

Sold $25k of SIA 3.03% at above face value (around $1.01) to build up cash reserve. Plan to sell more in the coming weeks. Submitted CDP linkage form for FSMOne so that I can use FSMOne to sell  my CDP holdings at a lower $10 commission.

Based on a rough back of the envelope calculation of my portfolio, my portfolio is 56% Singapore stocks, 44% foreign stocks. While my target is 50%+ foreign stocks, the STI currently looks rather attractive so I am really tempted to continue buying local stocks.

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