Thursday, 2 July 2020

Strategy: June 2020

After investing quite a bit between March-May 2020, I had planned to scale down my purchases after the 1st week of June. However, I took at the market at end June and decided that there was perhaps some value left, especially since STI was still below 3,000.

So for the last week of June, I bought Singtel @ $2.46 for SRS, and did various small top-ups like Capitaland, Frasers HT, WQDV, and VHYD.

I believe Singtel has reasonable prospects with stable demand for telecommunications and data. It is also a tourism play in that any tourism recovery will lead to a recovery in roaming revenue..

As for Capitaland, I'm actually preferring it to purchasing REITs and will continue to accumulate under $3.

Finally, I also opened a Singlife savings account that promises 'up-to' 2.5% "interest" for amounts up to $10k.  The application was hassle-free and fund transfers to the account appeared after a few minutes. Seems like a good place to park a few thousand dollars and earn a little bit of interest. Its technically not a savings account but an insurance policy but is still protected by SDIC so I have no worries. 

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