Saturday, 4 April 2020

March 2020 review

I deployed quite a lot of cash and warchest in March 2020. 

I still topped up some Euro banks which have suspended dividends on regulator's advice and whose prices are plummeting (SAN, LYG, ING)

But my main focus was on ETFs and purchased reasonable amounts of VUKE, CS51, 3085.HK, 2800.HK, VDPX, WQDV in addition to STI ETF which you can see in my earlier posts.

Also added some Singtel and Capitaland.

My last STI purchase was $2.35 and I'm ready to average down. I will be surprised if STI doesn't retest the bottom and I'm looking to buy again at $2.23. I queued at $2.23 but I believe the last bottom was $2.24 so now fill. 

Somehow I think there's a chance that the bottom may hold at around $2.23 but if it doesn't, I'll still keep reserved for $2.11 and then $1.99.

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