Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Jan 2020 report: Novel-Coronavirus

N-Cov is a worry for people as well as the markets. Everyone should take sensible precautions; though sensible precautions may translate to lower consumer spending as people spend more time indoors.

I carried out my plan to increase my ETF purchases. While I did buy individual stocks, I also started my regular ETF and accumulated the following ETFs this month

  • VUKE  VanguardFTSE100 
  • VDPX  Vanguard Developed Asia
  • VHYD  Vanguard World High Dividend
  • WQDV iShares World Quality Dividend
  • VDCP  Vanguard US Corporate Bonds

Next month I will add the 2800.HK ETF to the list when I begin RSP via FSMOne.

My plan to do dollar cost averaging of ETFs every month is not affected by N-Cov. However I still have a "warchest" ready to be used if STI somehow falls below 3,000. But I'm not counting on it. 

On the individual stocks front, I decided to buy a little bit of Spanish Bank BBVA to further diversify my bank holdings and added more Telefonica.  Vodafone was hit by the bad news of the Indian Supreme Court upholding a huge fine. Still, I'll keep on holding it for the dividends.

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