Friday, 11 October 2019

Strategy: October 2019

I am in regular DCA mode with part of my free cash flow being diverted to warchest. ETFs are in play as a 'safer' option (i.e reduce non-systemic risk). Bought VDPX and VUKE this month.

This is a change from previous month where I used up my free cash flow to purchase equities. As the year ends, I also need to make my yearly SRS contribution and decide what to do with it. SSB 10-year rates are under 2% so it doesn't look good, on the other hand, there is no lock-in for SSB so one could switch SSBs when the time is right.

Prudential Demerger documents are out. Pru will demerge M&G. Since M&G will not be an ADR, the ADR manager will sell the M&G shares and return the cash. Prudential's dividend coverage is better than Aviva though it % yield is lower. Still an attractive buy.

Aviva remains in focus and I accumulate more this month. 

My OUEHT shares have been converted to OUECT. Next up will be my AscendasHT being converted to AscottRT due to the merger.

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