Thursday, 17 October 2019

Brexit deal announced with EU, Parliament not voted yet, premature rally?

I've been holding Lloyds since Brexit and it recently fell to Brexit levels. Of course my response is to buy more! 

Today, LYG back up to $3.12 while LLOY is at 61.56p after EU and UK announced a Brexit Deal. Parliament still has to vote on it if and rejected, are prices going to drop again? At this level I'm holding and not buying more. Did all my buying under $3. Bought a mixture of LLOY and LYG depending on whether I had spare US$/ GBP.

For 2019, I started buying Lloyds again in May 2019

May -  LLOY 59.43p
July  -  LLOY 52.3p
Aug  -  LLOY 49.8p / LYG $2.52 / $2.40 / $2.32  (catching the falling knife?)
Sep -   LYG  $2.63

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