Thursday, 24 January 2019

Portfolio Top Holdings Review: Start of 2019

My top holdings are in the Portfolio page in this blog. I did a brief review to see if there were any movements in 2018.

Singtel: Small to Medium (Z74.SI)
I have been using SRS and some cash in SCB to accumulate more of Singtel. With my last purchase for SRS at $2.96, it has moved from the 'small' to 'medium' category. I will probably use my SRS funds to continue accumulating Singtel.

Euro Stoxx 50 ETF: Small to Medium (XESC:LN, or CS51:LN)
I have been making small purchases throughout 2018 and it has now crossed into the medium category. I pick this ETF as it is listed in GBP but reinvests the dividend so I do not have to deal with the hassle of Euros. All LSE listed Euro ETFs declare dividends in Euros even if they are listed in GBP (something like the buy China ETF using HKD but get RMB problem. The index dividend yield (which is reinvested) is 3%+ plus which is very nice for a mega-cap ETF. 

I will continue to accumulate this on a quarterly basis

HKSE has a Vanguard European ETF which declares dividends in HKD, but it has a higher expense ratio and I am not sure if the tax position would be as favourable as an ETF domiciled in Ireland.

Lyxor China Enterpises: Unwinding Position
Lyxor announced mergers/delistings of its ETFs. Its a matter of time before they exit fully I guess. With China market staging a brief recovery, its time to unwind the position. I think I already have enough China exposure without this ETF, so I am still thinking what to do with the funds. Maybe HK Tracker fund 2800.HK and Vanguard World VWRD?

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