Friday, 28 September 2018

Strategy Report September 2018

Foreign shares
Small top-up of holdings in Vodafone, Bhp, ING, Santander and Prudential

Singapore shares
Continued to build up position in Capitaland. It briefly fell below $3.30 this month so I bought, but soon recovered. Decided to continue to buy a bit more even while it climbed past $3.30 in order to have a decent position. A well-covered Dividend of around 3.5%  is very decent. Frasers Property, my related holding (my preference is of to buy at least 2 shares in the same sector rather than all-in one one) which has a higher dividend yield, has lower dividend coverage.

Overall I am still building up my warchest as I am only investing part of the extra income. I might even consider some savings bonds.

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