Monday, 27 August 2018

Goal setting. Reached the first waypoint - August 2018.

My investment portfolio reached 100000+ thanks to the GFC and I reached the 200000+ "waypoint" as of August 2018 thanks to the longest bull market ever. It took about 9 years because after the GFC, I focused on paying back my housing loan rather than investing.

Investment portfolio: stocks, ETFs, bonds, and gold. (cash/CPFIS/SRS)
Excludes cash in bank account and uninvested cash in CPF.

My next waypoint will be 300000+. How fast to reach the next waypoint will depend on whether I am sidelined by the 'property bug'.

At the moment, I don't have any interest in buying property. 

  • ABSD
  • Rental income is subject to income tax (which means its better to be a landlord when you have low income, like a retiree) 
  • Time cost and hassle in having another property, finding tenants (or finding a good agent who can find good tenants...)

Usual caveat: Can you actually believe anything you read on the internet? Figures are only indicative, could be rupees, cents or whatever. Purpose of the post is to record that I reached an important "waypoint" in my investment journey after 9 years, and I need to come up with a plan to help me reach the next waypoint. Actual value not important.

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