Monday, 21 May 2018

UK Shares DCA - Vodafone, BT, Aviva

UK Shares - Vodafone, BT, Aviva

Due to recent price weaknesses, I am accumulating more Vodafone under £2.00 and more BT just above £2.00. In addition, I have been topping up Aviva.

I have also been adding US Corporate Bonds via LQDE. I am using SCB for LQDE in order to diversify my foreign holdings (i.e. not everything into IBKR). This will provide me with quarterly dividend income that I can use for purchases using my SCB US$ Debit Card. My other US$ holding does not declare dividends (IWDA).

While rates are rising and bond prices falling, there have nett fund inflows into LQDE's US counterpart LQD:

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