Friday, 4 May 2018

Strategy Report: April-May 2018

FSMOne removed the platform fee for HKSE ETFs. I funded my old FSM account and purchased an ETF. It was quite an easy exercise. I did not need to fill up any fresh forms for approval to trade HKSE shares.

  • 0.08%  Commission (note: Interactive Brokers - 0.08% for LSE)
  • HKD50 Minimum (about S$8.50 which makes it cheaper than those brokerages charging S$10 min comms)
  • No platform fee, no handling fees
  • HK does not charge dividend witholding. (The ETFs holding foreign shares will deduct withholding applicable to the foreign shares, and generally position seems similar to LSE ETFs except for US shares - continue to buy US ETFs on LSE)

I initiated a position with Vanguard FTSE Asia ex Japan High Dividend Yield ETF (3085). It contains 8.2% Singapore shares so I continue to get STI exposure even though I have stopped buying STI ETF for now. Furthermore, it has an expense ratio of only 0.35%. 

The exchange rate hit 1:1 and so I funded my IBKR account at 0.9998. I had bought Telstra on the way down and it's share price continued to fall further, so its about time I bought some more to average down. 


Apart from the usual topping up of some of my SG portfolio with 100+ shares each trade (thanks to no minimum commission), I made a few larger purchases.

Looking at Sembcorp prices, I decided to buy more between 3.00-3.06 instead of waiting to see if it dropped below 3.00. 

Frasers Logistics Trust is acquiring a European property portfolio and announcing a non-renounceable rights issue soon. I had a small position and decided to build it up as I am happy to get exposure to the Australian and European markets.  Buying between 1.05 and 1.04, my holdings stand at 17,000. 

After the EGM and the details of the fundraising are announced, the price might have some downside if the private placement price is lower than expected. So depending on price movements and the announcement, I will build it up to about 20,000-25,000.

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