Monday, 20 November 2017

Largest Holdings

I decided to start my year end portfolio review (my portfolio has too many counters I admit :D) and to see what action I need to take next year.

From what I see, given the nature of the market, I need to move more ETFs into the Medium size holdings category, such as my Europe ETF, and two move the 2 medium size ETFs into the 'big' category.  Big/medium/small  is all relative to the total portfolio size and not absolute amounts.

It shows that I am too dependent on the yield from REITs, really need to find alternatives but all my yieldstocks got delisted (Allgreen, Cerebos, F&N, Singapore Food,  etc etc)

Not saying that my portfolio is good or bad just sharing what I have and maybe my resolution in 2018 is to do some reorganisation.

Band 1: Big holdings
CDL Hospitality Trust

Band 2: Medium size holdings
First State Regional China Fund
Comfort Delgro (dropped from band 1)
Frasers Centrepoint Trust
Ascott Residence Trust
Vanguard UK ETF
Vanguard Asia Pacific ETF

Band 3: Small size holdings
Too many

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