Monday, 18 September 2017

Dividend Report: August 2017

Lots of dividends this month, same as previous year, my major holdings STI ETF, CDG, CDL HT paying dividends this month.

Average dividends per month: Jan- August2017

S$4,408.59  [2016: $3855.75]
£242.11          [2016:£148.14 ]
US$473.95    [2016: US$170.55]

Average dividends per month: Jan- July 2017

S$3,012.62          [2016: $2736.93]
£276.70               [2016: £169.30]
US$466.91           [2016: $187.31]



Average dividend per month = total dividend collected / number of months in the year so far.and are used to indicate whether the average monthly dividend has gone up or gone down.Vanguard quarterly dividends reported on Jan/April/Jul/Oct

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