Sunday, 25 December 2016

Dividend Report: Jan-Dec

As 2016 draws to the close, I finally have a clearer idea of how much dividends my portfolio generates. This is the first time I'm actually counting the amount.

Not all my ETFs declare dividends. For example, IWDA, XESC, CPJ1 reinvest dividends. So the reinvested dividends do not count towards the dividend total. 

I invested in foreign markets in a major way after BREXIT, so I expect to start collecting the dividends for those purchases next year.  Hopefully my US$ dividend will start growing.

A safe target should be to grow the total dividend from $3,500 to $4,200 in 2017. If there is an inflation-fuelled rally, the dividend might well be higher, but that is just inflation rather than real growth.

Average dividends per month: Jan-Dec 2016:
US$67.74  (=$97.55)
£143.06    (=$254.65)

Average dividend all currencies converted to S$  (US1.44 / £1.78)


Average dividend = Total dividend collected ÷ number of months in the year so far
Different from DK style of total dividend ÷ 12 months  (updated 7 Jan - 30 Dec FHT payment updated)

Previous monthly average:
S$3,254.66    -
US$219.02     -
£156.06        -

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