Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Strategy Report: Mid-October

Fraser's Hospitality Trust Preferential Share offering results are out. Fewer excess shares received compared to the Mapletree CT offering. My preference at this stage is for REITs with significant overseas revenue to hedge against any SG downturn.

Quarterly DCA of STI ETF at $2.85. I used to buy STI ETF more regularly using SCB. Then I stopped after August because of the $10 min commission. Decided that $2.85 is a decent enough price to buy $5k worth (to optimise the $10 min comm). Hope to restart regular small STI ETF purchases once I get SCB PB.

Sold Lyxor Commodities ETF. I still had some of this ETF left so I finally decided to close my position and take advantage of the small uptick in commodity prices. As commodities do not give dividends, my preference in the future is to look for markets that have a correlation with commodities prices (Australia, Norway). Initiated position in NORW.

Various small topups as part of DCA: Westpac Bank, Prudential, BT

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