Sunday, 23 October 2016

Chasing yield is harder and harder to do.

IA considers lower yield target for UK equity income funds
By Sean Butters 20 Oct, 2016
.... The industry body is understood to be consulting members after a number of funds were ejected from the sector in recent years for failing to meet yield requirements. 
... A total of 21 funds have dropped from the current IA UK Equity Income basket into the IA All Companies sector in recent years, including Hugh Yarrow’s (pictured) Evenlode Income and Henry Dixon’s Man GLG UK Income funds.

Chasing yield is harder and harder to do. I am a dividend investor but also a contrarian investor. If investors are hard up about high "current" yield (current yield actually means past yield), then I shall look for counters that give modest yield but have the potential to grow. 

Wonder if those income funds that could not deliver income were the ones that bought too much BHP, which is a classic example of not to be too hard up about dividends, which is almost as important as buying after a crash. 

Of course, the funds probably gave some excuse like they are changing from income strategy to growth strategy or that they were never an income fund in the first place, which is similar to buying a share for short term gain, but when the price drop, you then say that you are a long term buy and hold investor... (cross reference to "sunk cost fallacy").

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