Sunday, 14 August 2016

Strategy Report: August 2016 Part II

A bit too expensive now?

I am not very good at investing in upwards moving markets. As you can tell by the blog title, I prefer to buy after a crash.

I found it much easier to buy buy buy just after Brexit when everything was cheap and much harder to buy anything now since the prices have risen by so much.

In the absence of any fundamental economic shifts, I still believe in reversion to mean.

Since the last strategy report, there were 2 days more downturn which I used to buy more SAN followed by re-buying LYG at lower than my selling prices. But note that LYG went ex-Div last week. I also added a bit of BT when it dipped below $26.00 given its somewhat
defensive qualities.

But at the moment, I am sitting this upturn out. I will subscribe to scrip dividend for MapletreeLog and excess rights for MapletreeComm REITS since the upturn means that the prices for scrip dividend/excess rights is attractive.

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