Saturday, 30 July 2016

Dividend Report: Jan-Jul 2016

No S$ dividends collected in July, resulting in the average dividends per month plummeting to under S$3,000.

Vanguard's quarterly distribution came in this month (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct) which increased the amount of US$ and £ collected. Some ADRs also paid dividends this month including Westpac Bank which also answered the question how much dividend withholding tax is applied to an Australian ADR. The answer is 15%, the most favourable rate possible (as opposed to 30%). 

I have also sold all my SCB foreign ETFs that declare dividend and replaced them with ETFs that reinvest dividend. This is due to the $10 minimum commission that makes it very expensive to reinvest the dividend.

Average dividends per month: Jan-Jul 2016:
S$2,736.93 -
US$187.31  +
£169.30 +

Average dividend = Total dividend collected ÷ number of months in the year so far
Different from DK style of total dividend ÷ 12 months

Previous monthly average
S$3193.08 +
US$129.10 -
£110.74 -

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