Sunday, 29 May 2016

Strategy Report: May 2016

Investing Idea: GLP?

I am always looking at S$ counters that have significant overseas income as a hedge against a weak domestic economy. Recently, with GLP going CD with a 3% yield and a discussion in MM. I am paying attention to this counter. Previously the yield was terrible at 2.x% but the past 2 years, the yield is about 3%.

This is a high volume stock with lots of intraday movements. Luckily SCB warriors can buy 100 at a time. I added 900 at average price of 1.775 and will probably add more after the XD. 

Investing Idea LSE:LGEN?

I have previously avoided individual shares in LSE due to the 0.5% stamp duty and would normally stick to VUKE. However, LGEN, with a generous payout ratio and dividend yield, seems interesting. Even though insurers do not have economic moats that value investors require, the dividend yield is attractive and there is some negativity towards the financial sector.

Anyway, 9.3% capital appreciation (9.8% without the 0.5% stamp duty) in 2 weeks, so it seemed like a good pick.... on hindsight.

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