Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Most CPF investors make >2.5%

Despite the fact that there were two crashes in 2016 and 2020 when STI went below 3,000, most investors made >2.5% return when you look at the 5 and 6 year cumulative returns.

For 10/19 to 9/20, despite the market crash, it is frankly impressive that 50% of investors are still positive. But 12-mth performance is meaningless. I could have bought STI ETF for $1.50 10 years ago and every year collect >2.5% dividend. But because 10/19 to 9/20, STI ETF dropped, I would be considered to have 'lost money'.

Friday, 12 November 2021

November Strategy

 Usually around this time, I am taking leave, preparing for, or going for my overseas vacations.  I usually ignore the markets during this period which is also a good thing as there is usually a lot of window dressing going on around this time. Its far better to buy in January than in December.

I guess last year was an exception in that there was a mega-rally in Nov/Dec that turned out to be a 'real rally'. 

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Dividends Collected: Oct 2021


Apr and Oct are the close of the financial year and half-year respectively. Hardly any S$ dividends are paid out during these 2 months. Fortunately, I still collected USD, GBP and A$ dividends this month.

Friday, 22 October 2021

Top Portfolio Holdings Nov 2021


Just realised that I didn't do an update to my portfolio holdings in June 2021. I've just updated it (will call it the Nov 2021 edition) and my next update will be in June 2022.

Quite a few new entries thanks to the buoyant market conditions. While my focus is on ETFs, two individual stocks entered the list. Aviva had a good rally and made it into the 'large' list, while the oil price rally helped Shell enter the 'medium' category. First State Bridge is a super reliable performer and it was only a matter of time that it pushed itself into the list. 

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

September Summary


These are my September investing activities

  • Directed donation to charity doing overseas work. No tax deduction unfortunately but my money goes a lot further (the charity shared with me how the money will be used).
  • Used SRS + Cash to buy GE 1.3% 2-year policies
  • Regular DCA of various ETFs during the brief China-related dip:
    • LSPU
    • VWRD
    • VDPX
    • 2801.HK (RSP)
  • Added a little bit of HSBC because of China related correction. Currently its only up 1% from my buy price so maybe my timing was off.
  • My RSP was 2800.HK was unsuccessful because I didn't have enough HK$ for both the 2800 and 2801 RSP. So interestingly, FSM deducted for my 2801 RSP first. I guess there's some sort of system logic (eg: whatever ETF appears first in my account's RSP list).
  • I'll probably RSP both 2800 and 2801 again this month.

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

OCBC Premier Banking


I signed up for OCBC Premier Banking recently. One of the push factors is that I needed to get a "free" Mastercard (preferably with no fees/permanent waiver) quickly because Amazon was threatening to impose a 0.5% surcharge on all Visa payments in September which was like a few weeks' time. As it turns out, Amazon has since postponed the 0.5% to November.

Like most other banks, there are no charges for signing up but conversely no real benefits. Not really enough to make me sign up earlier, but since I needed a Mastercard I guess it was time.

The Mastercard in question is the Premier World Elite Debit Card. Since its a debit card, why wouldn't it be free?

So far, if I were to rank the benefits, it would be Standard Chartered no.1 due to online trading have lower comms + no minimum commission and the USD account. Their Visa infinite is only 2 years fee waiver and after that you have to request the card department to waive the fee. My SCB RM says he is powerless to do anything regarding card waiver.

UOB privilege banking would be no.2 because their Privilege Banking Visa Signature has half decent rewards and is lifetime fee waiver.

In the meantime, I am looking out for a better Mastercard. My key criteria are:

  • Lifetime fee waiver or very easy to waive fees
  • Good petrol discounts (not SPC pls 😂) - at least until I get my EV. But with COE hitting $70k, I may want to hold on to my ICE car with $30k COE for a bit longer.


Update: I received a letter from OCBC saying that I will also be receiving an OCBC Premier Visa Infinite with no annual fee and that I can contact OCBC if I don't want it. The RM didn't mention this to me. Anyway, since its lifetime fee waiver I'll just keep it and lock it up somewhere together with my OCBC Frank card which is also lifetime fee waiver.