Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Strategy: Oct 2020


Accepted my entitlement for Frasers Centrepoint Trust Preferential Offering but didn't apply for excess - share price promptly dropped to $2.25 region. Oh well.

I prefer to buy when the market is going down, so October I have been buying quite a bit, including the UK market, but mainly focusing on my core ETFs VUKE CS51. Also bought GSK due to its defensive qualities. I buy WQDV when it drops below $5, so bought some tonight as well. 

On the Singapore front, today Singtel was cheap at $2.10 and Capitaland $2.64 so I bought more, together with Frasers Hospitality Trust at $0.41. 

The catalyst for the drop appeared to be Coronavirus fears with US numbers going up and some European countries on the verge of lockdown. Plus I guess election uncertainties.

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