Thursday, 7 November 2019

Regular investment beats stock picking, beats holding cash & waiting for crash?

In a recent HWZ thread, those that DCA IWDA (MSCI developed World ETF) regularly in 2019 reported a year to date 20%+ money-weighted return in their Interactive Brokers Statement. 

As I am heavily exposed to UK stocks, I had no idea whether I would be losing or making money at this stage. I decided to have a look and was pleasantly surprised that I had a year to date return in my IBKR account of 14%+. Obviously, it underperformed a broad-based ETF, but given the various UK problems, I'm glad that its still a positive return and hope there is some upside after the Dec 2019 UK elections.

I guess that I can console myself that my 14% return is still better return than all those who are holding cash and waiting for the big crash and recession of 2019 that never came (well, there's still December for crash to happen).

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