Monday, 18 March 2019

Comfort delgro March 2019- back to 'large holding'

When I did my  Jan 2018 review of my portfolio performance, I discovered that Comfort Delgro's price fell so much (-16.7%) that it moved from being a 'large' holding to a 'medium' holding.

Recently, I happened to look at the share price and noticed it was $2.50 and will go ex-dividend shortly. Doing a quick calculation, it appears that CDG has moved from 'medium' back to 'large' so I've updated my portfolio page.

I first bought CDG as a 'defensive' stock during the last GFC and did not add my holdings until 2016. I started buying at $2.43 and averaged down all the way to $1.98 (Jan 2018). I always believed that CDG could fend off the uber threat because uber had only so much money it could lose, since the Singapore market is not that big, uber was unlikely to want to bleed too much.  

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