Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Strategy Jan-Feb 2017

As I am receiving about $3,500 dividends per month, this means that even if I feel that the market is on the high side, I should still have the discipline to reinvest my dividends plus a little bit of my savings.

I save most of my income and the rest of my savings go to my investing "warchest." If there are no buying opportunities by March, I will probably use part of the warchest to pay back my car loan in full.

Jan-Feb were  top-ups to my portfolio
  • CPXJ (iShares Asia Pacific ETF)
  • NORW (GlobalX Norway ETF)
  • CapitaCommercial Trust
  • Comfort Delgro (the last time I added was 10 years ago) added at $2.39 / $2.43
  • Frasers Hospitality Trust
  • Vodafone
  • British Telecom (yes got hit by Italian accounting scandal, that's why I diversify)

And also initiated 2 small positions
  • Telefonica - to diversify my telecoms holdings.
  • WisdomTree - because I like their Smart Beta ETFs and the price dropped after earnings miss which seemed like an ok entry point

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