Thursday, 15 December 2016

Returns after regularly Investing in STI ETF in 2016

When STI ETF dropped from $3.00 to $2.98, got people in the forums think that STI is crashing. If you continued regular DCA of STI ETF in 2016, you will be happy if STI ends at $2.98 at the end of 2016.

What is interesting is that 2016 performance of STI ETF will be influenced by whether you benchmark it against the 30 Dec closing price or the 04 Jan closing price due to window dressing

30 Dec  closing price $2.95
04 Jan   closing price $2.90
(Source Yahoo Finance - hopefully it's accurate)

But whether you look at 04 Jan or 30 Dec closing price, regular investment in STI ETF in the course of the year should bring a positive return (unless STI crashes in the last few weeks of December which is rare because that's the window-dressing period).

Furthermore, STI ETF went ex-Div:

29 Jan - $0.056
29 Jul -  $0.073

2016 STI ETF purchases
Jan      $2.76
Feb     Didn't buy, can't remember why.
Mar     $2.85
Apr     $2.82
May    $2.84
Jun     $2.85
Jul      Didn't buy - all money into BREXIT stocks
Aug    Didn't buy - continuing post BREXIT purchases
Sep     Didn't buy - rebuilding warchest after BREXIT
Oct     $2.85
Nov    $2.83
Dec     Not buying -- too close to $3.00

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