Saturday, 2 July 2016

Dividend Report: Jan-Jun 2016

Average Dividends Collected Per Month

Reaching the half year point, average dividends would have dropped excepted that CPF credited my May FCT dividend on 1 Jun instead of May.

I will no longer track dividends in Euro as I have sold all ETFs that declare Euro dividends as part of my consolidation of SCB holdings into ETFs that do not declare dividends.

However, it was a very interesting time for trading....

Edit in July: received my FCT dividends for CPF on 1 June while CDP credited in May. Will reflect FCT (CPF) dividend as paid in June instead of May.

Average dividends per month: Jan-Jun 2016:
S$3193.08 +
US$129.10 -
£110.74 -
Average dividend = Total dividend collected ÷ number of months in the year so far
Different from DK style of total dividend ÷ 12 months

Previous monthly average
S$3144.35  +
US$140.82  -
£102.944    -


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